Our Staff

Kristen Lowe, Pastor

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I’m Kristen Lowe, the pastor at Crossroads.  I came here in 2014 after leading a church in the Oshkosh area.  Prior to that I’ve been on staff at churches in Ripon and Wausau, WI.  I have a pre-teen daughter – who teaches me something about life every day!  I’m a cradle Methodist and enjoy creating worship that is relevant, meaningful and gives people the tools they need to go out into the world and spiritually prosper.  My specialties include Interpersonal Communication and certification in Spirituality, Health and Healing.

Prior to Pastoral Ministry I worked in radio broadcasting doing mainly morning shows. I enjoy working with people and using the gifts God has given me to share a message of hope.  I love spending time with my daughter, doing anything creative, exploring the area, geocaching, kayaking, boxing and cross country skiing.

Crossroads is a wonderful family of faith!  If you’re looking for something deeper and transformational, if you’re looking for a place that will make you feel like part of the family no matter where you are in life,  if you’re looking for relationships, if you’re looking for a way to grow with others as a disciple of Jesus Christ, Crossroads is a place that will feel like home.  Come and worship with us!  Connect through a small group or just come by for a visit, I look forward to meeting you!

Beth Soltis, Pastoral and Ministry Administrator


I am Beth Soltis, a member of Crossroads UMC and also the Pastoral & Ministry Administrator at Crossroads. I joined Crossroads in the spring of 2015, and became a Methodist at that time. I have two children, my daughter Olivia is in the current confirmation group and my son Otto is part of the 6th/7th grade Christian education group.

The majority of my time is spent with my kids. Together we enjoy movies, hiking, going out to eat, shopping at Target, singing along to music in the van, and traveling. Otto is very into soccer, while Olivia is a social media aficionado and aspires to be a YouTube star. My solo favorite things to do are reading, coloring, and walking.

I am so excited to be the Pastoral & Ministry Administrator at Crossroads! I do the slides, bulletins, and connection cards for worship, among other various duties in the office. It’ll be my voice you hear when you call Crossroads and you’ll see me at worship most Sundays.  I’m usually at a soccer game if I’m missing.

I became enamored of Crossroads from my first visit. Crossroads was so welcoming and took us right into its arms. I have felt so accepted, supported, and cared for that just being in the building makes me feel good. One of my son’s friends and his mom encouraged us to attend a service at Crossroads, and we encourage you to visit!  And make sure you let me know you are there. We welcome you!

Bill Hofeldt, Music Director


My name is Bill Hofeldt.  I volunteered to be the “interim” Choir director when Crossroads opened in a school gymnasium nearly 25 years ago, and somehow have continued in that position ever since.  I was born and raised in Chicago and started in music at an early age.  Due to an accident my professional music (and NFL) careers didn’t materialize as expected.  However, I have continued in music ever since (well, that is after those short stints as Space Shuttle Commander and Human Cannon Ball in the Circus).  I taught Orchestra in the Middleton School District for 15 years, and continue as a self-employed composer.  I currently am a CPA in a controller’s position in Madison.

In addition to directing the choir, our men’s group (Faithful Men), our women’s group (Seraphim), and coordinating special music for Crossroads worship including solo, group and instrumental music; I am part of the Porchlight ministry team which makes meals for the homeless shelter in Madison.  I’m also known as “Barista Bill” as I like to get to church early to start the coffee brewing (it also means I get to pick the flavor!).  When I’m not at Crossroads rolling burritos, brewing coffee or directing music I enjoy just sitting, drooling and feeding the pigeons (but not always in that order).

I wouldn’t have made it 25 years if it weren’t for the fun I have with the groups I’m in and lead.  Although I will never admit it to them, I even enjoy the “beasts in the bass section”.  The people at Crossroads are wonderful and the music is pretty great, and I invite you to come sing, play or just have fun.  And, you can’t beat the free parking and coffee! I hope you join us at Crossroads.

Special Note:  We at Crossroads acknowledge this isn’t your typical Staff Bio.  But as you may have noticed Bill isn’t “typical staff”.  He is what you would call a “puny” guy.  For example, when being interviewed for this bio, we asked him “If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?”  Bill answered, “I’m stumped”.  We apologize in advance for any moaning or groaning you may experience from his “humor”.

Irene Steinl, Treasurer & Connectional Ministry Director


I’m Irene Steinl, Treasurer & Connectional Ministries Director at Crossroads.  I’ve been attending Crossroads since 1994 when I moved to Waunakee with my husband Mike.  Since then we have added two boys, a dog, fish and a lizard to our family (not all of those were my idea).  Before taking on these roles at Crossroads, I was an actuary at CUNA Mutual in Madison for 20 years.  I love to find ways to improve systems, processes and ministries.  And, if you need a spreadsheet built….I am your gal!

Crossroads’ works hard to reach people where they are, and help them grow a faith that makes sense and makes a difference.  I am excited to be part of the process to figure out what that looks like and to find practical and easy ways for folks to connect, engage and grow at Crossroads.  I hope you will come and see what we are about.  Our Welcome Team and I look forward to meeting you!

Kathy Parker-Witzke, Ignite Ministries Director

Kath Parker-Witzke 240x300

I am Kathy Parker-Witzke, Ignite Ministries Director at Crossroads. I am the proud mother of four grown children and the grandmother of one! I have been attending Crossroads since 2014, when my wife, Maria and I were looking for a new church home. I have recently retired from teaching third grade in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

At Crossroads I work to build the teaching and learning of members and attendees. I work closely with Pastor Kristen Lowe and the other ministry directors to make sure each member and attendee is reached where they are and encouraged to grow from there, whether they are youngsters in Sunday School, youth attending confirmation and youth group, or adults attending on Sunday morning or in any of our Growth Groups or other activities.

From the very first Sunday Maria and I attended Crossroads, we’ve been warmly welcomed and encouraged to get involved. There are so many ways to plug in, learn and grow at Crossroads. Come join us and find out for yourself!

Lori Tebrinke, Transform Ministries Director


Hi, my name is Lori Tebrinke, and I have seen my life transformed in this church! I was brought up in the Methodist church. My children and I joined Crossroads in the summer of 2001 when our worship services were still in a warehouse. I felt awkward and embarrassed as I attended my first Sunday services here. You see, my spouse is not a Christian, and I felt alone and somewhat an outcast as a married, single-mom with kids at this warehouse church for these first times. We were different than most families—no dad at church. Yet what we found was Grace. We felt immediately welcome and at home here.  Through our years here my children and I have been involved in many levels at Crossroads from  Sunday School, prayer groups, committee work…yes, my children have had the experience of working along side Christian adults in the service of our church! My kids grew up in this church and have retained their faith practices from the foundation they received here (they are grown and both live out of state now—separate states!). When my children went off to college, I quit my full time job and became a night nurse at the University of Wisconsin Hospital; here, I can put my faith into service of my patients and their families. Truly God’s hand is on my family, and we have been wonderfully blessed with His enduring holy presence in our lives.

I have experienced a life transformed by God and I am paying my blessings forward as I serve Crossroads as our  Transform Ministries Director. I am charged with finding ways for our members to deepen their spiritual walk with God. We do that here by actively participating in the charge given to us by one of the Methodist church founders, John Wesley:

“Do all the good you can.

By all the means you can.

In all the ways you can.

In all the places you can.

At all the times you can.

To all the people you can.

As long as ever you can”

You are welcome to come as you are; there is a place for you here. Come, experience a transformed life with us here at Crossroads!